Make the difference to offer the best and memorable stay

Whether you are a palace or not, each of us is able to make a stay memorable and unforgettable to a customer. Only you have to want it but also have the ideas to do it.

It is not enough to offer the welcome gifts and greet the customer on arrival and departure to know that he spent or had a pleasant time.

Every attention, during the stay, will make the difference.

Our role, with or without customer service, is to teach your teams, how to bring the extra attention that each customer expects when staying in a hotel.

What’s more beautiful than being greeted by a big honest smile, finding a romantic set up in your room because it’s your wedding anniversary, having a ephemeral dinner organizing because you are regular customers … all these attentions, costly or not, mean that the customer will come back and talk about you.

This is what Luxury Hospitality wants to bring you by adapting to your establishment and your customers.

Welcome to Emaurri, a beginning of something truly wonderful! Create your beautiful new architecture or interior design site the easy way.

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