Your partner and trainer for all your rooms departments

What’s more important than the room division at a hotel?

The welcome at the arrival by the guest service, the check-in at the reception desk, the housekeeping service and the room, the useful information of the concierges … all these services are the heart of your hotel.

But to best meet all the expectations of your customers, attentive staff, trained and eager to offer the best service will make the difference.

Luxury Hospitality Consulting is here to assist and integrate your teams, in the field, to train them and show them the importance of customer service.

We will not spend hours in the training room, but we will be present, in front of customers, in order to bring them all the attitudes and answers to give.

Customers want a different service, a different approach and these are all the extra touches that will make them come back. Whether for leisure or for business, each Welcome must be adapted.

All services are key and above all must work hand in hand to offer the best. That’s why we adapt to each of them. We are able to provide solutions for guest service, reception, housekeeping, lingerie, concierge and customer relations.

Welcome to Emaurri, a beginning of something truly wonderful! Create your beautiful new architecture or interior design site the easy way.

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