Your “relay” manager to guarantee your quality and support your teams

What could be more difficult than a team without a leader?

We have all, in our career, had a colleague manager who left and who was not replaced immediately.

Indeed, this type of situation creates three major difficulties for the service but also for the entire property:

  • First, the teams that suddenly find themselves without their leader. We must continue to maintain quality, without knowing who will arrive and when the new manager will arrive. This can really destabilize the existing team, but above all affect the customer service offered.


  • Then there are organizational repercussions for the whole structure. No more referent managers, instructions and missed handovers. During this period, many projects and improvements are put on “stand-by”.


  • Finally, there is the arrival of the new manager. He integrates a team, generally well in place, but he does not have a complete set of instructions.


This is why we offer you a clear and effective solution.

Our “transition manager” who is a professional and experienced manager in all the Room division, will be your direct contact during this period.

In fact, the “transition manager” will arrive one to two weeks before the departure of your manager in order to have complete handover and especially in order to integrate temporarily into the team. He will then take over throughout the recruitment period until the arrival of the new candidate.

This solution will allow both your department, your establishment and your new recruit, a more serene and concrete integration.

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