BlogWhat are all the technical terms you need to know in the hotel industry?
Hotel Terminology and Key Industry Jargon

What are all the technical terms you need to know in the hotel industry?

The hotel industry is a complicated and fast-moving sector. To stay up to date of the the vocabulary related to this activity, regular updates and a good knowledge of English terms are necessary.

Below is a list of the most commonly used words in the hotel industry, as well as the terms that you absolutely must know.

The double/queen size bed

In a hotel, there are different sizes of bed: standard size, queen size or king size. The standard size bed measures 75 by 54 inches. The largest bed is the king california size bed which measures 84 by 72 inches. The queen size bed is in between the two, its size is 80 by 60 inches.

Room service

The term room service includes all the services that can be offered in the room of the guest. This service allows you to order and receive breakfast, meals or drinks in your hotel room. It often takes care of the minibar and can also set up the amenities that are offered to you before or during your stay. Room service is mainly available 24 hours a day.


These are all the products, consumables that are made available to the customer in his hotel room for free. Basically, it is all the products that will be in the bathroom (soap, shower gel, shower cap …) and of course, the higher the standard of the hotel will be more there will be free products in the room. Like a bottle of wine or champagne, water, a fruit basket or the minibar.

The All inclusive option

This word is used to designate a full board service in a hotel. Usually, full board means that meals and drinks are included in the room rate. Depending on the hotel, the all inclusive formula can also include additional activities such as access to the spa, sports activities or excursions. This type of package is not available in all establishments, more often they will offer you “packages” which will propose different services included in your room reservation.

Deposit and pre-payment

These two terms refer to a sum of money paid in advance when booking a hotel room. A deposit is a firm commitment on the part of the client who will not be able to cancel his reservation. The customer pays an initial sum of money when reserving a room, which constitutes a contractual commitment. The deposit is also a sum paid in advance, but the client or the hotel will have the possibility to cancel the reservation – under certain legal conditions. However, deposits already paid cannot be refunded. The pre-payment can be fully refunded, it will depend the policy of each hotel.

Check-in and check-out

The check-in includes all the verifications to be completed upon arrival at the hotel: verification of the reservation and the identity of the guests, handing over of the keys, explanation on the functioning of the establishment, breakfast reservation, etc. In the luxury hotels, guest will be escorted to the room and a visite tour of the property will be offered.

The check out is the set of operations related to the departure of the customer, such as the payment of the bill, the return of the keys. During the check out, we also make sure that the customer was fully satisfied with the services provided during his stay.

Check-in and check-out are usually done at set times. The hotel may also offer its guests the possibility of arriving earlier or leaving later for an additional fee or depending on his VIP status. This is called early check-in or late check-out.

The tourist tax

Some city councils have set up a tourist tax that must be paid by tourists visiting their municipality. The hotel charges the tourist tax to its guests on vacation and then pays it to the municipality. The amount of the tourist tax varies according to each establishment and depends on its classification in the categories of accommodation established by the government.

The concierge service

The concierge service is the set of services offered by the hotel for its guests. Reserving a table in a restaurant, finding a baby-sitter, booking a plane ticket or a cab for example are all part of concierge services. In luxury hotels, the concierge is a person who manages a team of luggage porters, elevators, valets, bellboys… In other hotels, the services are more limited and managed directly at the reception.


A voucher is a document issued by an agency or hotel that entitles a guest to services. It is a voucher by which a marketing intermediary undertakes to pay for the services that the customer will receive in your hotel.


All these terms developed above are only a small part of the specific vocabulary of the hotel world. Of course, whether you are working in the industry or simply traveling, your needs will not be the same.

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