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5 things guests consider before booking a hotel

Choosing a hotel to stay in during your travels is not an easy task. And yet, there is a multitude of hotels, some more prestigious than others. It is therefore necessary to take into account the criteria that can help you book the best hotel according to your desires and needs. What are the 5 elements that customers take into account before booking a hotel?

The price

For customers who book through the hotel, as well as for those who prefer to use the Internet, the price is the first and most important criterion in the choice of an accommodation.

This is because it is the first element they determine in their travel budget. An establishment that offers a variety of prices for the different rooms it has is considered more interesting. Thus, the customer has the opportunity to choose the room that best suits his budget.

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Customer reviews

Ratings from former guests are considered by Internet users to be a very important piece of information. Therefore, they have a great influence on the choice made by travelers on a hotel establishment.

Indeed, we notice that the majority of customers rely on the comments of people who have recently stayed in the hotel. Thus, they tend to book establishments that have received more positive reviews to the detriment of those that have received very few. A positive review from a third party becomes essential in the selection of a hotel.

The location

Another factor that strongly influences a customer’s decision to book a hotel is location. If the traveler is just passing through, he or she may choose a hotel close to the city or located in the city center to facilitate travel and limit transportation costs. Hotels located in remote areas and far from major roads are preferred by travelers who want to rest in a quiet place.

Hotels located in old historical districts are popular with travelers who want to visit monuments, museums, nature reserves, etc. They have the opportunity to visit several historical sites without getting exhausted and without spending a lot of money on travel.

The star rating

When choosing a hotel residence, most guests refer to the number of stars the establishment has. A hotel with only one star is considered low-end, while one with 2-3 stars is considered mid-range.

Unlike the former, this type of accommodation is quite comfortable. A 4 star hotel is called “high end” and the service offered in this type of hotel is of high quality. From 5 stars on, it is called a palace. The quality of the service is excellent. Of course, the more stars a hotel has, the higher the price.

Equipment and quality of service

When choosing a hotel establishment, most clients take into account the quality of the service provided and the facilities available according to their needs, often put in place thanks to the work of an interim manager. Thus, the emphasis is often placed on elements such as the presence of a swimming pool, a parking lot, a gym or a spa, cab service, room service, qualified staff as well as free Wi-Fi access. All this is often the result of a hotel consulting firm.

The elements that determine the choice of a hotel by a client are numerous. The most important ones are price, location of the hotel, reviews from previous guests, the number of stars the hotel has, the quality of service and the availability of facilities.

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