BlogHotel opening: how to dispatch the type of rooms and their price?
comment répartir le type de chambres et leur prix

Hotel opening: how to dispatch the type of rooms and their price?

The hotel market today

With a simple click, any customer can access a plenty of offers all more different than the others. There is indeed an embarrassment of choice in an extremely competitive sector where new players are constantly appearing. This overabundance of services can easily mislead and be a source of problems and disillusionment if one is badly advised. Dealing with a hotel consulting service will allow you to succeed in opening your hotel in optimal conditions in relation to your market.

What exactly do we do?

From the initial idea to the opening day of your establishment, you need the necessary skills in the fields of hospitality and tourism to enable you to succeed. It is important to find consultants who will be at your side in order to set up a winning strategy that will take into account the reality of the field.

From the market study to the feasibility of your project, you need to have the best professionals by your side who will accompany you throughout your business plan.

How do you get the best competitive positioning?

You need pricing that takes in consideration the services of your competitors. But not only that! You will have to adapt your pricing to the seasonality while maximizing your occupancy rate.

All these elements must be used on your different communication supports. Whether it is inside your establishment or through your website, reactivity is the keyword of a winning strategy! Your sales system must constantly adapt to an increasingly demanding and volatile clientele. Hence the interest of a complete range of different levels within your structure.

What type of rooms should you offer?

You need to be flexible and that is why you need to have several types of offers. First of all, the single room, which is quite modest in size, but which can vary from simple to double depending on the range of your establishment.

Then you have to have double rooms for one or two people depending on the number of beds they have. Then come the rooms equipped with three single beds, or triple rooms.

Finally, the largest rooms are quadruple rooms, which are preferred by families. Some providers even offer dormitory rooms for groups.

How do you break down your prices?

You need to fix your prime rate by taking into account the most competitive rate in your market. This look simple, but it is much more complex than it seems.

Indeed, you will have to anticipate the demand in order to adapt your rate structure while preserving your margins and boosting the occupancy rate of your hotel! All this at the same time and throughout the year? Exactly! It’s valid from the first day of operation and it never stops.

This continuous challenge, while very motivating, is also very time consuming. It’s easy to make the wrong decision if you’re not advised at the right time. This is where you also have to intervene to choose the best price offers per room in real time. This strategy will allow you to improve the rotation of your nights and therefore increase your occupancy ratio. This is the key to a successful opening and getting the most out of your hotel.

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